what is it with that silsby woman?


The creepy factor here is off the charts.

But don’t judge her just by the (for lack of a better word) smile. Listen to “Carol”, a former employee of Ms. Silsby:

A woman, I will call her Carol*, contacted me after reading my article on OS earlier this week regarding the Baptists missionaries detained in Haiti. She reached out to me because she said (via email) “there is a group of us watching the events in Haiti [regarding Laura Silsby] in horror.” and ”she [Silsby] is a snake oil salesman.”
Many of us have been watching this story with great interest. But, Carol’s perspective is different as she has been observing Silsby for years, from the inside – Carol is a former employee of Silsby’s online company PersonalShopper.com.

Carol went on, “Laura Silsby is incredibly good at getting enormous sums of money from people. 10 years good at it. She has probably smooth talked these poor people and now they’re stuck in jail with her.”
The New York Times quotes Edwin Coq, the Baptist’s lawyer, stating that 9 of his 10 clients were “completely innocent,” but that, in an apparent reference to Ms. Silsby, “if the judiciary were to keep one, it could be the leader of the group.” (read the rest here)

It really is a shame that religious institutions have a general tendency to discourage critical thought, it makes their members such easy prey for thieves like this.

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