and now for something completely different

On January 3, a whole lot of funny started happening on the Chromium open source project pages, beginning with a post noting an alarming number of goats teleported. If you are not a programmer or generally geekily inclined, you probably won’t get just how funny this thread is, for example:

“Everyone relax, the goats are teleported from and to the same Google Goat Pool, that’s in closed beta. Soon everyone will be able to teleport in and out every single pool via Google Goat Wave pool. ;) but it always starts in linux.. after all penguins hate all things goat related :D”

“We’ve only got one guy using Chrome here, everyone else uses Firefox and yet the office is still full of these damn goats wandering around all over the place. Anyone got any suggestions how we can blame the problem on Microsoft and ship this lot straight to Redmond !?”

Several weeks into the thread, the most delightful story began to unfold:

“Follow-up to comment 73…our attempts to oust these goats from our office is becoming problematic. Currently, they’re all congregated by the coffee machine discussing what method should be used to elect a union representative. I tried to suggest a secret baa-llot, but they don’t seem to have much of a sense of humour between them and now won’t let me get a coffee.

And we still have more goats coming through – at this rate I estimate goats will outnumber employees sometime over the weekend.

Help !”

In the days that followed, this imaginative individual posted regular updates on the ongoing goat saga in his office, which led a few of us to suggest this needed to be blogged. And viola! It’s funny enough that you don’t have to be a programmer to appreciate it, by the way.

Although the subject matter is completely unrelated to my usual topic, I felt delighted enough by this to recommend following this blog, encouraging the writer, and generally enjoying a very inspired bit of goat-related fun.

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