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When I started this blog, I imagined talking about important issues related to atheism, without resorting to poking at religious people. That proved more difficult than I anticipated.

So here’s my new about page: this is a two-day-old blog (at this about-writing) and I’m not sure where it’s going. I know there are approximately elebendy kabillion much better atheist blogs than this out there, but I felt it important to step up and add my voice, and as I read some of the items in the RSS news feeds I’ve subscribed to, there can’t be too many of us out here making our voices heard. Not yet.

original, tongue-in-cheek about page

First i was going to start a cult. Not one of those harmful, dangerous cults, no! It would have been a benign organization designed to fulfill the common human longing to believe in things & belong to stuff, but I lacked the requisite charisma & leadership skills.

Then I thought maybe I’d start a lizard-based religion which would involve achieving spiritual epiphanies whilst basking on sunny rocks and teaching conflict resolution through head-bobbing, but that didn’t seem practical with all the bad publicity about reptilians and whatnot.

So I thought these ( and several less coherent things) in between the time I discovered that both lizardgod.com and godlizard.com were available, and the time i found the god-lizard photo, which sealed the deal. So I gave up trying to have a clear and compelling reason and just bought the fucking things.

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