12 thoughts on “states ranked by religiosity (and IQ)

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    1. True. A good working hypothesis would be that cognitive function decreases with disuse, and religious followers are compelled not to think or question, even when things make very little sense.

      That has just got to be bad for your brain.

        1. Bumpyness of life is indeed a factor, but hte human brain also adds a constant of irrationality. I live in Scandinavia. High standart of living, high education level, social security almost 90% atheists, but still lots of people who belive in newage crap. And my self; im afraid of the dark, eventhou its an irrational reaction.

  2. Those states that rank highest in bad things also have the highest black populations.  This carries over to sexual diseases and out of wedlock births,   Look at West Virginia and kentucky on this chart with very low black populations and low theft rates.   So, now we have to see what the rates are by race in these various religious conservative areas.

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