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Which reminded me, of course, of theĀ LOLCat Bible Translation Project:

Wat Happnz Wen U No Listn to Ceiling Cat

1 Sneeky snaik is sneeky. Teh snaik sed to teh gurl, “‘No eat froot,’ Ceiling Cat says? ‘Or u die,’ Ceiling Cat says?”

2 An teh gurl sed, “We can has froot.3 But we no can has froot frum teh tree in teh middl of teh gardn. Ceiling Cat sez, ‘If u tuch it or nom it, ull die. So pawz off.'”

4 Teh snaik sed, “U wont die frum froot, srsly.5 Ceiling Cat just sed dat cuz teh froot will maek u guyz smart. U guyz wud be ceiling catz, cuz u wud hav morulz!!!11

6 Teh gurl saw teh froot had a flavr, an it lookd yummy. It wud giv her sum morulz, too. So she nom-nom-nomd teh froot. She gaev sum to teh boi, an he nom-nom-nomd teh froot too.7 Then thay got morulz, so it didnt taek too long to figgur owt thay wuz naked. Boi an gurl maded sumfin owt of leevz to keep teh praivits praivit.8 Wen thay heerd Ceiling Cat chasin buttrfliez in teh gardn, thay jumpd in a bush to plai hide-an-seek, xcept thay hopd Ceiling Cat wud frget bout teh “seek” part. He didnt.

9 Ceiling Cat sed, “Boi? Boi?? BOI!!!”

10 Boi sed, “Ohai. I heerd u ovr thare, but ai freekd owt cuz ai wuz naked, so ai hid in teh bush.”

11 Ceiling Cat sed, “Wayt a minit! How did u fynd owt? U didnt eat teh bad froot, did u?”

12 Boi said, “Rmembr teh gurl u mayd for me? Ai onli eated teh froot cuz she gaev it to me.”

13 Ceiling Cat sed to teh gurl, “U did WUT?” Gurl said, “Teh snaik playd durty trik on me, an ai eated teh froot. It taysts gud, but dat not poynt.”

Because after my last post last night, I totally needed to lighten it up a little.

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