far-right subversives: Frank Schaeffer was absolutely right.

I wish I could say the title says it all, but no, it doesn’t. It’s actually far worse than just Multiculturalism is Societal AIDS.

Paul put it this way, “Come out from among them, and be ye separate.” The idea that we are all the same and that all cultures are equal is folly. This “Cultural Marxism,” dressed up as “multiculturalism” has destroyed this nation. It is the AIDS virus of American society.

All societies and all beliefs are not equal and not all behavior is appropriate.

It goes on, and on, espousing the true Christian values of xenophobia, hatred, and intolerance:

Instead of guns and bombs the weapon Communism’s foot-soldiers have chosen to employ are words. Their stealth attack has come under the guise of tolerance, social justice, economic justice, peace, reproductive rights, sex education and safe sex, safe schools, inclusion, diversity, and sensitivity.

Permit me to say it again. Multiculturalism is the AIDS virus of America’s Christian culture. Let there be no mistake, America is a Christian culture despite what the homo-culturalists want you to believe.

And it goes on, celebrating the glories of unfairness and inequality. Wasn’t it Jesus who said, wealth and whiteness are next to godliness?

The educational syndicate values “fairness” above truth. Homosexuals deserve to marry because to deprive them of the “right” would not be “fair.” Having too much money would not be “fair” to the poor. Profiling “terrorists” would not be “fair.” Meanwhile, our “fairness” has cost the rest of us our liberty.

He then goes on to advocate leaving mainstream churches, isolating children at home and indoctrinating them.

I remember reading Frank Schaeffer’s post about far-right subversives and agreeing, but deep inside, thinking (hoping?) he was maybe overstating the case for effect.

He wasn’t.

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