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A few weeks ago, the epic Story Musgrave came and spoke at the company I work for. It was as amazing and awe-inspiring and humbling as you can imagine (however when our VP thanked him at the end and commented that it had been humbling, Story shot back “well, it shouldn’t be.”) Because that’s the kind of straightforward, down-to-earth, get-things-done kind of guy Dr. Musgrave is.

Story Musgrave

So at the end of his talk, he opened it up to questions from the group. My boss, grinning, asked “so, have you ever seen a UFO?” Story’s answer was serious: first, he talked about the vastness of the universe and the strong probability that other civilizations exist, and that they very well may have the capability of interstellar travel. “But I have no evidence that they’ve been here,” he said, “and why would they want to? There are forty wars going on right now. Forty wars – there are two we hear about most, but right now, on this planet, forty wars. We’re killing each other all over the place. Why would a visitor from an enlightened civilization want to come here? If they did, we wouldn’t send communicators, we’d send guns.”

He paused, then repeated “Why would they come here?” He shook his head. “They wouldn’t.”

So straighten up, people. Get it together, stop all the damn killing. Nobody wants to visit a bunch of murderous assholes.

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