st. paul

Pinching Judy: St. Paul

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it’s been preying on my senses everyday
the only urge i feel now is to get fucked up and play
it’s been raining, i’ve been staring at the ground
rivers leaping off my face to find the gutter in this town
with my main man mr. miller by my side
we put our heads together and we took a little ride
across the bay bridge, stringing us along
there the gringos steal your money looking for a better song
little lines of pressure cannot keep you here
don’t you think you’re better off without me dear
when the flesh gets heavy on me
look for me among the zombies
mission’s where we’ll head now baby
to see the patron saint of maybe
wasted, but i still can drive
the difference between cowardice
and trying to stay alive
is patience, and let me make this clear
i can dodge the bullets of morality and fear
his genius is the offspring of his gloom
i’ve seen him reading hegel he keeps her picture in his room
to him she is an angel and a prostitue as well
with psychopathic courage you can free yourself
from either spell
oh, watch over us, keep us all sane
make me holy, man, and i’ll change my name
you see, i want to live forever,
i swear to god i won’t complain
i’ll take it from the heavens
and slam it in my veins…

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