the dangers of subscribing to a google search for “atheists or atheism”

I knew when I started this atheism-themed blog I’d need good sources of current commentary to respond to, knowing full well that opening up my feed reader to things that would make me all splodey-headed. I’m comforted that this is just a random opinion-having guy posting to a local news site whose visitors also like to shop at Big Lots and play the lottery, and also disturbed by that same set of circumstances.

Mr. Tony L. Woods opens with this observation about “his atheist friends” (whom i suspect are of the imaginary variety):

I find it incredibly interesting that my atheist friends’ billboard along Memorial Boulevard has a background of beautiful blue skies and soft white clouds.

The Bible says in Psalms 19:1, “The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

The very skies that they use for their backdrop give acknowledgment to the existence of a God they say don’t believe in.

So Mr. Woods feels that atheists have no business using the sky. Hopefully he is not too offended about his “atheist friends” having the temerity to exist under the very sky that is supposed to glorify his god. Astronomers probably drive him batshit though.

The billboard caused me to research the atheistic lifestyle and belief system and most sources took me to its strongest proponent, Madalyn Murray O’Hair. If you Google her you will find very interesting reading of her self-destructive life and violent death, her own grandchild was murdered along with her.

Mr. Woods knows how to use the Google! Even more significantly, he knows how to find a single example, find the most controversial aspects of it, and use that to discredit an entire group of people, then go on to debate a single phrase he found in his example:

In my readings I found that she said that being a Christian is a “crutch” and for “the weak.” I can only say that living a genuine Christian life, that modeling the life of Jesus Christ, takes more guts, more fortitude, more self-discipline, more sacrifice, more self-denial, more forgiveness, more compassion, more humility, more tongue biting (the list could go on and on) than that of any atheistic lifestyle that has no moral standards or absolutes. So to my atheistic friends I humbly surmise that your lifestyle is for “the weak” as it requires none of the self-introspection, personal discipline and accountability that living a genuine Christian life requires.

Poor Mr. Woods. Tongue-bites can really hurt.

In conclusion, I feel an overwhelming sadness for my atheist friends who are missing out on the greatest love that a human being will ever experience and buying into the lie that there is no God.

In conclusion, I feel an overwhelming sadness that anyone with a demonstrated ability to use the internet to find information could remain so brutally uninformed, so completely cut-off from larger realities.

i digress

When I saw this sign, I made a hasty u-turn to go back and get a picture. My son (who is an atheist by choice, I gave him complete freedom to explore various faiths and he made up his own mind) wondered why, until he saw the sign. He laughed out loud (literally), then added “yes it does!”

And, aside from the unknown unknowns, it actually kind of does. You just have to know how to search.

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